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09.01.2013 , 07:42 PM | #57
The line was crazy. I got to the garage @ 6:00ish and there were a few people but not much so I went in to get dinner and a beer. When I was done the line was already starting to wrap around the edge of the building.

I have to agree that the venue wasn't ideal for the number of people that attended. The L shaped room that split the discussion didn't help matters. It was fun meeting a bunch of people and the devs so I would like to thank Bioware for doing this.

For comparison on the line, I had some friends at the Guild Wars 2 bash line that I went over to after the first round was done. The line waiting for the second wave was easily twice as long as the one at the Renaissance Hotel (To be fair that event was at a hotel so there could have been a greater number inside, I only saw the line).

One down side is some how my Tautaun Fawn code was already claimed , oh well.