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I am a returning player who missed the launch of 2.0
Before leaving I had casually accumulated maybe 8-10 million credits (4 mil "cash" and another 5 or 6 in mats and other sellables)
Just by applying the basic mmo "money making" principles - from vending junk in filled bags, efficient farming whilst questing, selling all I don't vend or use on gtn, getting multiple toons in order to multiply, etc etc- I always had more than enough credits to do all I wanted to do
However, since my return I have had some issues
My main source of confusion involves all of my 50s
Apparently, I opened the credit sinking Pandora's box known as the 400+ crew skill unlock
What I thought was a no brainer has cost me (estimating 500k credits)
All my 50's (3) have lost over 150k at least
Just by looking at my toon's credit total when looking at the inventory tab they have all gone down
To be fair, I bought a couple things here or there when I rolled a few alts but my playstyle was very consistent with the way I played before
My 50's when I'm not really playing them whilst alting are sugar daddies for my lowbies but by simply running crew skills/missions and gtn'ing I was always, at the end of the day, making credits
Slicing is the suspected villian in my credit leak
Consistently lock box missions lose at least one thousand credits
I have not seen what the new 400+ crit sliced tech part is so I don't even know what market I will be selling in once i get one
Luckily, my alt did a nice and casual session on nar shadaa (24 ish and 2 comps) and with bio analysis, scavenging, and slicing I made over 500k just from farming, vending, and gtn'ing
It seems as though the 400+ crew skills are targeting more of the crafting base and I should just stick to the lowbie niches
Any thoughts from veteran players?