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@Zomise - Good suggestions all, especially about the UI layout. I'll make some tweaks before my next video and play a few matches to get used to it.

As far as Healing Probes, I usually spam those like crazy, but this warzone was actually a rather interesting one - I kept on finding situations where my allies were either A) already in deep trouble by the time I got there, necessitating a large heal before dropping probes, or B) weren't very durable to start with (e.g. that Lv.11 Jedi Guardian, who was facing off against three Imperials at once.)

Though, while I can justify those particular decisions all day long, I'm not the uberest of PvPers, as I've noted before - could I have handled those situations differently to give my buddy a few more seconds of combat life, that you saw? You seem like you've done this a time or two before, and now I'm curious.
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