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I only recently learned that trolling only applies to causing people to overreact to a stupid behavior; originally, I thought trolling was a shortened form of the word 'controlling', based on someone doing something to force a response (I was a bit off, needless to say.)
That's actually quite logical. Maybe we should redefine it. We usually just call "Inc [side] [numbers]". Inc as in incoming.

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I'm glad I entertained! I'll try to stop being bad, but that's hard. Maybe I should heal from cover more, and not take cover in front of the Snipers...

One final note: I do these just for fun.
And that's the way it should be. Don't feel pressure to be an über pvper. The commentary alone is enough to make ppl watch these. I do see you still click on people instead of selecting them from the ops frame. I suggest you move the ops frame a bit more into the middle of your screen where it's easily reachable. As a healer most of your time you should be keeping your eye on that (since you can easily see who's going down and who's in range etc). A good idea is also to make the debuff icons bigger in the ops frame so you can easily see if anyone needs to be dispelled. Also since you're operative, keep your healing probes on two stacks on everyone (from what I saw you had them on hardly anyone). Your healing will go up insanely much.
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