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I have only been playing this game for about three months now & have learned so much as I go. My question here is do you have to travel to Hoth to get your TaunTaun or is there someplace else you can get it. I don't want to get it from a vendor if I could help it. I think it would be so much more interesting if I actually had to go catch my own TaunTaun. I am a subscriber so thanks Bioware for giving us the nicest looking one of the two.
So please let me know how I go about getting one of these awesome animals to ride.

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Basically, this:

(She explains and lays it out way better than I can here, but, ultimately, you go to Hoth (only place you can do it), buy the lures from the vendor (they're 500 credits each, and I've bought stacks of 99 at a time and ended up with around 10-15 lures left when I had enough data for the mount), and go nest-hopping.)

I'll also warn you now, it can be a bit of a grind, but, if you get a good route going (and are lucky to have 3 or more instances of Hoth up and you can switch to them) you can get your mount in under a couple hours.

I've bought 2 Tauntauns solely from the vendor for the 1.5 million credits each, and I've gotten 2 with the lures. I must say, although I feel like I'm almost snow-blind by the end of it, it feels good to get a Tauntaun for under 50k credits and a couple hours of my time.

(Also, is a phenomenally awesome site for TOR info and news, so I'd give her site a good, thorough dig. Only disclaimer I would have is she can be kinda spoilerific, especially with new/upcoming content, but I think she (and the site) still rocks!)