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Tank needs to always attack first or all the aggro goes to the attacker making it harder for the tank to take aggro back (or forcing him to waste an AoE taunt when he should be saving it for an emergency as he will next to 0 aggro points for all that he taunted). In this case the tank did not have AoE taunt so he would naturally not be able to take so many guys away at once. He could have used an AoE attack but if he was a jugg it would be hard to hit them with smash since most of the enemies on hammer station are spread far apart.

100% tank fail. Inform your tank that he needs to attack before the cast is done next time.
Thank you for your advice, sithBracer. I do that when I play with another tank or tanking myself. But I was talking about the weird part about the boastful and taunting smuggler, but you have pointed out the error of most tanks I played with when doing HS has committed. I thank you sincerely.