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You are bad, but damn was I entertained. The narration makes these hilarious. 10/10.

(Confused why you call just about everything trolling though. )
I only recently learned that trolling only applies to causing people to overreact to a stupid behavior; originally, I thought trolling was a shortened form of the word 'controlling', based on someone doing something to force a response (I was a bit off, needless to say.)

However, there were a few times my usage was valid. For instance, when I threw the grenade with all those Sithies at the bridge controls and they went into OMGHAXOVERKILL mode on me, that was intended; I wanted to distract them for even a few more seconds; the fact that they used such overkill (e.g. everyone there) makes it actually trolling. So...blah.

I'm glad I entertained! I'll try to stop being bad, but that's hard. Maybe I should heal from cover more, and not take cover in front of the Snipers...

One final note: I do these just for fun. Seeing as how BioWare hasn't quite gotten around to an eSports friendly PvP setup, I'm honestly not concerned about PvPing professionally or anything - as long as I have fun, and my viewers have fun, to me that's all that matters. Besides, it's not like SWTOR videos can be monetized anyhow.

I briefly considered a WoW PvP series along these lines, but there were way too many pandas. I thought I might come off as pandering to the audience...huehue...geddit? Pandering? Hahaha...ok, I'll stop making bad jokes, at least until my next video.
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