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This is why I suggested in another forum that the assault spec needs some other form of utility to bring to the PvP setting. For example a debuff/purge removing enemy heals over time or a debuff to remove guard. This kills two birds with one stone by creating a hard counter to the overpowered Tank/Heal dynamic while also breathing some life into the class who lets face it, has been neglected by bioware (no in combat rez at launch, no interrupt at launch, etc.).
Removing guard! Now that would be awesome . But I think removal of hots or guard is too much and too unique to ask for. No one has an ability like that. Instead a healing debuff much like the healing debuff a gunslinger puts out with flourish shot (armor debuff.... two debuff in one GCD *cough* they are not the favorite of the devs at all ) would be very handy.
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