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08.30.2013 , 10:55 PM | #12
I really feel that as long as you have the mechanics down these are the same as, if not easier than, the old 55HMs in terms of difficulty on the boss fights. There are some mobs that can actually cause you more trouble, and the red vs blue can be a pain depending on how the group deals with them, but that's it in terms of increased difficulty. Rasmus is very simple. The weapon's specialist isn't hard in terms of the fight, it's simply that he can blast the dps/heals to death almost instantly and there's nothing to do about it. As mentioned earlier, the circles do seem a slight bit off on him. The Duneclaw is a pain if you have a tank that can't burst/overcome movement impairing effects, but actually killing it is easy.

That said I still think Mando, Athis, and Hammer are more difficult runs, but they're all straight forward if you know your rotation. If you're lower geared then you need to be a little more precise in terms of what your strategy is.