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Which is why i said in the first place, snipers and gunslingers can go and spec:
And equip two SA relics. Either:

For Snipers/Slingers with the self-heal while in cover talent, a chance to proc

for 6 seconds every 20 seconds.

Like i said I can't test KD SA and UW SA. As much as i'd like to parse and test the limits of my class I can not since i'm far from BiS gear; my first piece of Kell Dragon i got ~at most 3 months after NiM Operations came out and now HM Dread Fortress is dropping a NEW tier of gear (which is great !)

The only thing i can confirm right now is that UW SA (and probably KD SA) with PVP SA will proc 2 Power buffs when you sit in cover as long as you have 1 point in Vital Regs and Cool Under Pressure.

If an Op/Scoundrel healer can proc UW SA and KD SA at the same time with his hots, i'd assume Snipers and Slingers can too with their self-healing. But like you said they don't work with damage abilities, so perhaps this time around they'll have slightly lower uptime because only your self-heals can proc them and your self-heal only procs once every ~3 seconds (iirc).

Whether a slightly lower uptime on double proccing SA buffs is a DPS increase or decrease over the more popular KD SA and KD BA.... i do not know. I was hoping that 1) it would not show up on the forums and 2) it would not be a DPS increase because all it does is widen the single target dps gap snipers/slingers already have versus other classes.

If it IS a DPS increase then MM/SS and Lethality/DF will benefit from it greatly. Both specs requirs you to sit in cover (more so in MM than Lethality). Engineering/Sab would be a little bit tricker since you have to run out of cover whenever you do your Roll.

You can put one point into self-heal by moving 1 pt from Grenade spam (if you run Hybrid or 36/8/3) or moving 1 pt from +Energy (Lethality). 36/3/7 is a bit tougher to decide. You will lose either 1 pt from +Cunning talent or 1 pt from Corrosive Dart spec if you want to spec into the self-heal.

Now that that is out, can someone wearing ~min-maxed Full KD Gear do comparison parses?

Ohhh if only
The problem I see with the analysis is that the self-heal ticks every 3 seconds and the SA relics have a 30% chance of activating. Mathematically, you'll never get it perfectly on a 20-second timer.
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