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I know it won't happen so not trying to complain but would be nice if NiM (75) for the previous tier was just slightly better than HM of the next tier (74 for instance). That gives an incentive to do NiM but also work on the HM since it will help prep you for NiM of the next tier. Or maybe make BIS relics, implants, ear drop from HM new tier, while BIS mods drop from NiM. That's probably too complicated, but at least would encourage running of both.

We're enjoying the challenge of beating NiM and it's awesome to get gear for a head start on the new Ops, but once we hopefully get our titles and the new ops releases why would we ever go back to NiM?

Regardless on the positive side I have had a lot of fun overcoming the challenge of NiM and am also looking forward to two new brand new raids to learn.
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