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Good to know, thanks! That's the consensus we came to at the end of the night (having to DPS them down) but we wasted a good 3-4 attempts out of maybe 10 total by Taunting the boss in the middle, which comically makes her turn and fire the laser in your direction but it's still "moving" (invisibly) clockwise. Made us think that was the mechanic but then we clearly kept dying. We were running pug Marauder, pug Sniper in UW/Arkanian, Sniper in UW/KD and KD Marauder so the DPS was far lighter than what we're accustomed to bringing.
I was the UW/KD sniper and I'll be the first to admit that I'm still getting a grasp on things (mostly marks lol) as I switched mains. I'd like to think I've got a good handle on lethality but that's obviously not going to be a good option on this fight given the upfront burst required. Had the normal A-Team been on it's going to be totally doable with a clean transition (no orbs, no kephess up) with multiple precasted orbitals The DPS check is obviously a very tight one on the c'thun laser phase in HM on the PTS right now so while we're all pretty much fine with the difficulty, an UW geared group is going to have a lot of trouble making that DPS check, so I imagine BW is going to nerf it (even though they could probably leave it as is since you could just farm the other bosses for gear, they've made it pretty clear through the other raids that they want you to be able to down basically everything in the gear you come in with).
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