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08.30.2013 , 08:51 AM | #11
Having recently healed both the new Czerka hardmodes on a fresh 55 (both my tanks and DPS were already overgeared for them, so it's hard to tell from that point of view), the only real thing that makes these any harder than the previous HMFPs is that there are built-in enrage mechanics on the regular bosses, and not just the bonus bosses. When I solo queue, I'm about 50% likely to get a group that HAS to skip the Asteroid Beast because they don't know how to push more than one button and can't beat the enrage. Similarly, I usually get groups that run out of tanks on the Sandstorm boss or hit the enrage on the water puddle boss. I've even hit the enrage on the weapons guy (I really need to learn their names...). Thankfully all the enrages are pretty forgiving, at least for a short while. None are instant wipes like the Asteroid Beast.

All you really need to successfully complete these is a group of people who is willing to listen and learn the fights, and maybe one or two people who are "decently" geared. A tank who already knows the fights is a pretty big plus, at least for the Sandstorm one.