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08.30.2013 , 08:42 AM | #406
Thx Quickglue and Gorband, I really appreciate :-)

About relics: I think BA works especially well for Watchman. Though I can't get Watchman to parse as high as Combat on Dummy, I've found it to be more reliable for me in actual boss fights (less RNG, dots keep ticking in transition phases). Combine this with proper use of your BA relic (and Adrenals) and you have some nice burst as well (not as bursty as Combat, but it's not so RNG dependent and it's timeable).
Back in 1.2. before the mighty SA relic came, I even played with two BAs of different tiers, as their individual cooldown is 2 mins, but one BA locks out the other BA for only one minute. It wasn't best on the dummy either, but gave me good control.

I have to admit Combat is tempting for leaderboard threads like this one, but I think I'm not as valuable for my raid group that way, so I'll resign myself to being surpassed in the ranking here...
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