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08.30.2013 , 08:19 AM | #1
Hi guys,

Yesterday evening we were lucky enough to have quality players with us Frogs : Hatred. We decided to go discover hard mode and see what it looked like, so here goes

Nefra, who Bars the way :
(First pull)

Draxus the Gatekeeper :
(Third pull) and blue loot, *** :O That glitch seriously needs to be fixed haha

Grobthok, who feeds the forge :
(First pull) "Do you even lift bro ?" "Yah, looks like he does lift pretty much"

Corruptor Zero :
(Second pull) Laser dude

Unfortunately enough, we didnt get to try the last boss that much, but it looked like loads of fun Fortunately though, here are some bonus highlights !

Hirina's legendary english skills :
The french touch !

Dulfy experimenting with red zones :
At least now we know what they do !

Carlenixs brings friends :

Thanks to you guys for raiding with us, hope to repeat the experience soon