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I think you should probably take into consideration how the last real ops content patches have implemented content that only a very small portion of the player base can complete. What was the real benefit to the casual player from NiM TFB or SNV?

Whatever it was, it was less rewarding to them than what hardcores are going to be getting out of these relatively easier ops, I'm sure. I think it's conceited to complain that some content is accessible and rewarding to players less capable than I am, even if some of the rewards are better and more easily acquired than what was previously available.

It may be easier than current nightmare (because it's supposed to be), but at least it's new, and for that reason I'm glad the rewards are better than kell dragon, because otherwise there'd be no reason to run new content instead of old content.

And that would be stupid.

I understand the perspective of playing for the challenge but that argument is entirely separate - you should be pushing for NiM to release at the same time as SM/HM. If you play only for the challenge then gear shouldn't really matter to you.

Its also a huge kick in the nuts for those of us who have 2-3 toons in almost min/maxed KD gear.
"This thing that happens every time a new raid is released is a huge kick in the nuts even though it's the most predictable thing in the world."

A statement like this makes me think this is your first mmo or at least the first one you've raided in with anything approaching seriousness.
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