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Wanna do that fight with 2x shadow DPS (Mr.Wild-berry not being available)?
lol no I would not do that fight with the random run of the mill shadow DPS's running around.

I don't want to derail this thread; but my point was that all the classes in the hands of a good player will do good dps (I think BW stated somewhere that all the classes are 5% within each other in the DPS output). Yes, it's easier to put out good numbers with a MM sniper / marauder compared to an operative. We've all heard the operative DPS / merc healers are crap in PVE endgame, but I've met several good players that know how to play their class and manage to do good dps / healing in NiM with "sub-par" classes.

Compared to SM and HM where you can basically faceroll, NiM requires:
- Player knowledge of your class in order to maxime dps / healing / tanking.
- Coordinate the use of CDs, adrenals etc.
- Solid understanding of your rotation.
- Team coordination.
- Understanding and execution of boss mechanics.

as the margin of error is pretty damn small.

No matter how good your team coordination / understanding of mechanics is, you can't really afford to have DPS that are doing 2.3 - 2.7k as a lot of the bosses have a DPS check. My advice would be that OP's guild sits down with the DPS's in question and check out their build / rotation. I would say that f you can do around 2.8-3k on the operation dummy for 5min+ on a regular basis, then you ready for NiM.

That is just my two cents. I wish OP's guild all the best, and hope that they continue doing NiM. My guild wiped tons before we got the dps / tanking / mechanics down. So just keep on doing it!!