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I don't understand that reaction. Do you really, honestly want to keep doing TFB and SNV for the best gear? I sure don't.

I understand wanting a challenge but that's not what hard mode is for. I wasn't expecting something that would stretch us to our limits.
You should be challenged to get the best gear. Gear shouldn't be handed to you for showing up and walking through content. I play this game solely for the challenges that some raids bring and nothing else. The next 5-6 months of swtor will be extremely dull and boring for the minority player base who lives for NM/challenging that doesn't allow you to go full retard and still kill bosses. Nearly every boss in the new operation is tank/spank with literally zero mechanics amazingly appealing!!!

On the flip nearly no company designs content for the minority in the gaming world.

Its also a huge kick in the nuts for those of us who have 2-3 toons in almost min/maxed KD gear.