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I think the bosses are a bit uneven and there is quite a bit of RNG involved as well. Boss with electrified floor can tax a healer if other people are not overgeared, especially the tank. Desert storm boss is quite easy on a shadow (force speed), but guardians have quite tight situational awareness check and if they fail it it's basically a wipe (if not very overgeared). And the boss the shoots plasma and cryo grenades - I forgot his name - even in severely overgeared groups it's very easy to loose 1-2 in final seconds of the fight. Also in that fight the circles are clearly bugged as people have taken damage/got frozen being long away from circles, so graphics do not match actual positioning. Also if there is some new person in the group and messes up with colour containers on final boss it can get very painful if you are not crazily overgeared.

Do not get me wrong those are still mostly walk in a park, but you can still wipe if you are not careful. I had 2 wipes in one of them with a very good player from my guild who was on his tank ALT and never tanked them before and I was just walking him through that on TS. Those bosses are not at the same level as those in Hammer Station or smth.
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