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08.29.2013 , 11:24 PM | #1
Okay, with these new Czerka flashpoints in HM for 55s... They're listed with the other HM 55s, yet are noticeably harder. So if I queue for a 55 HM, wanting one of the older ones that I can definitely do, and get dumped into one of the CZ ones that I'm undergeared for, I can either drop group, get kicked by the other people who know I'm undergeared, or we can try it and, once we fail, I can leave. It seems like the most responsible thing to do would be to simply drop group right away if I know I'm undergeared for it. Except I get a lockout of group finder. What if this happens multiple times in a row? Since it seems like those pop more frequently than the other 55 HMs.

I think that either the CZ HM 55s should be in a separate group finder queue box, so we can queue for them separately from others that drop the comms we need, or the lockout should be removed in cases like this (and how that would be decided what "like this" is, I'm not sure). But it just seems wrong that I can't queue for HM 55s that I can totally do and need the comms from without getting dumped into one I'm undergeared for and then get penalized for dropping group. Not to mention, if I immediately requeue, it might very well put me back in the same group I just left.