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I played in the late nov. beta but never did a flash point cause i really just wanted to experience the questing. I just completed my first flash point and loved just about every part of it except the loot distribution. I had one party member roll need on juggernaut and imperial agent gear as a sith assassin. This ruined the whole thing for me because i knew as soon as we killed a boss that the person would just roll even if I needed the gear.

There needs to be a class recognition system added to the loot for flash points so that I wont see a sorcerer rolling on bounty hunter gear for the "creds". Flash points turn into a grind when there's no reward besides xp.
Seen this so many times on my BH that i get mad when I see ppl roll on heavy armor with aim and they cant even use heavy armor- they all just roll need all the time- regardless if you need it- I leave those grps very quickly!

Whats worse is the probability that these people that roll need don't do it at high lvls- its just now starting out ppl roll need on everything to sell to gather up skill/speeder money!