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08.29.2013 , 03:11 PM | #44
ok so to get the process correct. we need....

3 buffs + sandclaw buff
then we need to find a beam of light which teleports us to the tome which we can then activate.

if this is true then is it possible that the sandclaw buff isnt from killing the sand claw and might be called the sand claw buff because you need that to spawn sandclaw? and once we activate the tome which is in outlaws den then the boss will spawn?

i dont know a lot about dataminers but from what they can do they dont really give solid info. so more info from dataminers would be good to get more clear.

also looking at the names of the 3 buffs (desert courage, desert power, desert hope) it could be possible that this room of light is in an exhaustion zone but in a specific area and if we walk through with the 3 buffs then we wont be affected.