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Maybe one has to slaughter 1000 or so Players in the Outlaw's Den to summon the "PvP Superboss".
You know, "blood for the blood god..." xD
Not the worst Idea I've ever heard. I'll have my group try something of the like. Now it's killing me on the inside: what does this book say?

EDIT, something occurred to me here. Sandclaw was a wraid, then a lylek, then a duneclaw. Maybe were thinking too hard... Lets think of the world bosses of Tatooine.
Trap jaw, a giant wraid.
Then they added something bigger...
The Dread-seeded sand demon, a lylek.
Coincidence? Tatooine is possible *the* most iconic planet in Star Wars. Besides Belsavis and the fleet, it's also the planet BioWare has added most too since launch. So why don't we try to find some specific duneclaw?
Ooh! In Elder Scrolls Online, I get magic spells and colossal PvP! That sounds cool, but one question, where do I get a lightsaber?
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