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1. Yes the boss is BROKEN. We never said it wasn't, and we knew because of your stream it was not WAI due to your guild member doing Austin testing. That aside, the 5 of us in there from SuckaFish, 2 EU players from the Reckoning, and Nibbon from Severity, decided to see if we could still do it to see the rest of the place. So we beat the broken boss, that's pretty cool imo. We realize it doesn't MEAN anything, but its still fun to brag about. (You all know you would too).
I can assure you no one in DnT would brag about killing a boss on PTS (especially Hard Mode), and no one would update the front page with it. I don't know how that would reflect on the 1000+ unique hits our website still gets a day, but I'm willing to bet most people would think it was very stupid and it would ruin that sick nasty ad revenue.

Instead of working on a boss that we know will be changed for the three reasons I mentioned in my previous post, we decided to gear out our new recruits on Live. I would have liked to have seen you folks go in for Dragonslayer instead of bragging about a broken boss that'll never exist again since PTS is down.

As far as people "hating us", that just tells me we're doing something right. I've been in DnT since WoW Beta and timmys have hated us since Day 1, oh well.
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