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After everything was said by more experienced people before me I can only add our experience as not a competitive guild from top tier but a social guild that only managed to get it's NiM progression running right now.

We had our first serious attempt last night and got a kill on 7th attempt. We gave one pull to dreadguards, so we know now we are nowhere near the requirements and then we went back to farming HM.

We had 3 ranged last night, but normally we would have 2, still we used same strategy we would use. Melee stay on boss. Ranged kill the adds, then switch and kill jelous male quickly. We had severe problems with making it alive to burn phase. It was healer resource management mostly and cleansing so they needed help. Everyone who could cleansed themselves (aparently I dicovered another thing bugged with resilience as it doesn't cleanse it) we had a gunnery commando help with cleansing as well. It appears my guardian co-tank needed a bit more gear then he had (he was taking quite a bit more damage after mitigation but before self-heals). Our sage healer is mostly optimised gearwise but a clicker, my shadow tank is optimised for this fight with 38800 HP after respec to high endurance without sacrificing mitigation and we have fully optimised sentinel. Everyone else is suboptimal but in full 72's except some set-bonus armorings, some have some suboptimal verpine or crafted implants or earpieces.
First time we managed it to enrage we got it at 0% and wiped at 20k HP on boss. Next one was a kill. Before that loosing a tank wiped us every time.

Our philosophy for this fight is to keep it as simple as possible for players so melee shouldn't be really switching targets as they might make mistake, jump to wrong thing and will loose GCD's. At the same time we needed to reduce incoming damage to the group so all strong AOEs were used on adds to absolutely destroy them instantly, same thing for the jelous male. Our dirty fighting slinger actualy respecced to sharpshooter for better switching capability. We do not split DPS to adds and jelous male at the same time also due to fact that overeager rDPS tend to hit the jelous male before tank can even get to it. And loosing aggro on jelous male is not fun. We start with pre-cast flybies from slingers and scoundrel healer, i open the fight on my shadow with power adrenal, AOE taunt after 3 GCD's and single taunt a bit later. I lost aggro once on our first try due to 3 consecutive misses and false GCD bug. Combat sentinel and best geared slinger were guarded.

Overall I think DPS check isn't that tight if our group was fully geared to begin with (which I insisted on but haven't got yet - I recon we are missing between 100-200 DPS per damage dealer due to gear) ) it would have been quite easy after learning the mechanics (stuff would die even quicker and that means less healing required).
We will proceed to farm HM with NIM 1st boss until everyone is fully geared. You guys can also do it.
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