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really hard to read the few purple/blue stuff, but everyone gave their own opinion, he can decide who / which one works better for their team, i gave him what mine does, my marauder doesnt waste GCD running for adds, thats the skill of doing it,... but then again your points are valid, but dont work for "everyone" as u can see in his dps numbers, hes dps is not the highest, so the more you complicate it the harder it is for people.

everything you say, all the numbers everything sounds find, for your severity gaming group, and my group, but its not so easy for all groups, my guild has 4 different from beyond groups, 2 different Dragonslayers 8 man, all of them followed my strategy up there , i just go with what i am used to from our experience doing it, with variety of successful groups / Setups .... majority to not say all the time we recruit someone new or bring a different strat, its just way more complicated and doesnt help at all, the easier / simple you keep the fight, the easier it is, thats our theory and it works for us , we did the same theory in 16 man last week, they didnt even make it half way to the pool.. 3 orbitals wasted for nothing there, the fastest prob hit once, no reason wasting 6-9k dmg that could be hitting boss ... after all it depends on the group, they will be able to try all this different options and work whatever is the best for them
He's not saying your strategy doesn't work, obviously it does. But this thread is about maximising DPS because they are having trouble beating the enrage timer.
This is done by having maximum amount of aoe damage on the adds with minimum amount of wasted damage as well as minimum amount of single target damage on the adds.
Ideally you would want all adds dieing at the exact same time on the last tick of any aoe, now this isn't realistically going to happen but that's what we're striving for.

There is no reason for the maras *not* to use saber throw on the adds since they dont have to move to do it, but do NOT put your maras on single target duty on the adds, it wont neccesarily lower their damage ouput (at least if they're not annihilation) but it will transform damage that *could* be aoe into single target thus wasting damage.

My advice would be keep maras on the male, make sure they saberthrow the adds becase again no reason at all not to and save orbitals for the adds. If you have a merc or operative healer make sure they throw down their aoe on the adds as well then have ranged finish it off.

Lastly you say "buffing numbers" by savign aoe on adds is a bad thing? What you have to realise is that the actual hp of the boss is boss hp + adds hp. There is no such thing as useless dps and this group is having enrage issues. Buffing numbers is *exactly* what they need to do right now a.k.a maximising their dps.
In your example you say its wasted to throw down orbitals on adds because you killed them before they got there, well what actually happened was you wasted all your aoe dps by single targetting the adds thus not being able to benefit from aoe (aoe > single target, on multiple targets, surely that is easy to understand)
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