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Alaurin: Both these women have a lot to work through, and tequila might not be the best tool. If they’ll open up, they do have good friends who will help. Both of them. People who might just understand better than they know.

Bright: Winston’s piece was stellar. Absolutely stellar. Inserting Ryessa and Winston’s dialogue into the action was a great choice. We know Winston as a nice guy. An Imperial, but a nice guy, and you show that Winston in those dialogue snippets. But you also show his other face, the true believer, the man who justified everything (at that moment) as necessary.

Some of the best fictional villains don't think they’re villains. Wynston certainly isn’t the villain in his own mind. He’s doing his job. He mitigated the damage as best he could. A lot of Imperials would have done much worse. Yet to that family, however merciful he tried to be, he’s a monster. Will always be a monster. Even if they heard his thoughts, knew how much he disliked what he was doing, it wouldn’t matter.