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So you have 2 melee and 2 ranged.

I'd advise the following:

- 1 melee on boss non-stop: should be your highest melee DPS.
- Ranged deal with the babies, then with the male.
- 1 melee on jealous male *as soon as it spawns*.
- Make sure that no male spawns as you enter the last phase. This means that you *have* to burn the boss as soon as a male + baby set of adds dies (somewhere around 20%).

Also, the DPS should be able to put out more than 2500 DPS. 2300 DPS is, imo, low. There should not be a reason to have DPS that low, especially NOT for range DPS and also not for melee. If they do between 2300 and 2700 DPS that means their DPS is just low, because they get the chance to AOE adds (which should bring their numbers to around 3000). Please consider this.

Also, is your team of DPS optimized? If not, you have an answer.
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