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08.28.2013 , 07:23 PM | #26
Ok, i guess I'll step in and set a few things straight, since I always seem to need to.

1. Yes the boss is BROKEN. We never said it wasn't, and we knew because of your stream it was not WAI due to your guild member doing Austin testing. That aside, the 5 of us in there from SuckaFish, 2 EU players from the Reckoning, and Nibbon from Severity, decided to see if we could still do it to see the rest of the place. So we beat the broken boss, that's pretty cool imo. We realize it doesn't MEAN anything, but its still fun to brag about. (You all know you would too).

2. The REASON i took the stream down is because its not the whole fight. I turned on OBS in the middle of the fight, so while you see no adds, that doesn't mean we hadn't killed them all already. So instead of spouting ******** about how we had no adds and that people need to know what they are talking about, maybe you should take your own advice. Integrity has nothing to do with it.

3. This is just more DnT/ Suckafish drama, where you guys get super upset about everything. If you would have listened to the stream you might realize that the opinion we hold about you guys isn't just ours, it's random people we meet/group with on PTS also.