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A few points to consider. Most important one is last.

- You didn't mention what class your tanks are, but if they are juggs, don't bother burdening your sniper with putting out his armor debuff. The juggs will take care of it.

- Make sure your sniper is using orbital strike on the 3rd set of adds, and probably the 2nd set as well. For the first set it matters less because there are fewer adds so OS's limitless targets is less of an advantage. If you an operative healer, have them orbital the first set of adds, while the healing is still relatively tame.

- Make sure the sniper takes a turn in the pool. When it is his turn, have him entrench, and bring the male over near the pool to share in the AoE.

- Consider having the maras stay on the boss the entire time. Let the ranged DPS switch to the male after the adds are dead. All that matters is the male dies before the next one spawns, and they should be able to accomplish that.

And most important: How are you dealing with slime? My guess is you are doing the HM strat of having ranged DPS and healers run to the walls before cleansing. If so, don't, you are losing a ton of DPS time by running around. Have ranged DPS and healers group loosely in the middle, and just cleanse them where they are. This way, everyone just has to move a short distance out of the yellow circles. You can still overlap them though. Depending on my health, when I have slime I will take a walk through the yellow circle to drop them on top of each other.