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08.28.2013 , 06:21 PM | #6
post above me has some good points but also some things I would disagree with. Annihiliation/Watchman have very little AOE damage and is a gigantic waste of DPS if they are running to the small adds, they can easily just throw 50% of their aoe damage (twin saber throw) on the small adds while they are moving to the jealous male. I do agree that cleansing people in their spots right away rather than running to a wall/edge will help keep DPS on the boss.

When my group was first doing this we would have similar problems (enrage @ 5%). I'm assuming all your DPS use attack adrenals? That would be #1. Another way we found to keep DPS on the boss is that the first red pool only has 5 adds (compared to I believe 10 for 2nd and 3rd red pool). So we would have a healer go in the first pool and only ONE range dps on the small adds while the other range dps stayed on the boss all the way until the 2nd red pool. For 2nd and 3rd red pool we would have a range dps in the pool and both RDPS would kill the small adds while MDPS killed male as normal. This was enough to push us over the edge and beat the enrage.

Also you might want to consider having your 2nd mara/sent wait to use blood/inspiration until he pops back up from his first burrow as there is really no way that 2nd mara/sent is gonna be able to use bloodthirst/inspiration a 2nd time.