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for 8 man, i would disagree with Above post ^ on the orbital... use your orbital on boss always to buff the dps... on this kind of fights there are two ways of doing it, doing it "right" for you to kill the boss, or Overcomplicating it And / Or Buffing numbers (Aka Saving AoEs like orbital on adds)...

To do it right: first of all small adds should never, or almost never, even reach the red pool... you want all 4 dps on boss (including all orbitals).. male spawns, tank swap, tank gets aggro get to a wall and hold.. all Dps stay on boss, as soon as add spawn, everyone swap to adds (2 marauders assuming both carnage, with a gore window + DST smash Sweeping is like 75% of its hp) sniper grenade + sorc either chain lightning (if proced) or Death field (if adds are not close to dieing, since its a big buff dmg on boss) then swap right away and kill male.

there are two mistakes in your set up, first is thinking marauders have no kind of AoE, which is false, annihilation have less, but still can do some... and second is splitting dps, splitting dps NEVER gives you better DPS results, you have to see.. what do you want to achieve? avoid enrage on boss? ok this means you need more dps, how do you increase your dps?: 1) killing small adds faster = less heal = more heal dps... 4 dps destroying male in 5-10 secs = 3 classes with Executes to kill faster AND adds tank dps (which should be around 700-800 i guess for you) more time on the boss.

in other words, fights are simple, if you make them simple, when you add "more" stuff for people to do: "Male spawn.. mdps on male.. rdps on adds, healers splitting heals on 3 different people, wasting heavy hitter (Death field OR orbital) on something thats not your enrage problem ( adds)... then having sniper wasting time multi targeting male ++ shatter shot, to swap then to boss... you are adding like 5 more stuff to worry about than you should, making heals harder, and encouraging people to do more stuff that cause them to make more mistakes.

fight rotation: Start orbitals pre casting, your tank has 3-4 available taunts on start before male shows up, no tank swap required, should not lose aggro --- male spawn, dps stay on boss... adds spawn, rdps on pool or healer 4dps burn adds quick + instantly swap to male, burn both things quick, back on boss... repeat 3 times. Save heavy hitter (orbital or Death field) for boss.... Cleanse RIGHT away, dont worry about "moving" the dot hits for like 6k tick on you, the yellow circle hits for like 1.5k if u stand on it, you dont need to "move" or group will die, you see it, you cleanse it right away, people move, less healing = more healer dps. = no enrage
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