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I am not sure what you have your sniper doing. But you can nuke the adds a bit faster in a few ways:

1) If he is not, Orbital should be saved for the adds only.
2) Snipers have an AoE Grenade that hits 5 Targets.
3) If the Sniper is not, it can switch to any spec but Marksmen and get another AoE ability.

Your Sorc Can:

1) If madness make sure the Death Field is used on the group.
2) Lightning Storm should be laid on to it till adds are dead.
3) If Lightning, Make sure the proc'ed AoE is used on add group.

These are ways to maximize your AoE DPS and get your two ranged back on boss. When everything is said and done, the problem lies with your damage dealers not doing their job right. Another small note, this fight is about 4 and a half minutes...You will only get the use of one Blood Thirst per Mara if done right. Once the boss dips into its soft enrage is when I would have them use it or right off the bat with ALL offensive CD's on ALL dps going (Tanks may complain about threat, risky move if they can not hold it).
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