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Some stuff that we do is that we have all DPS on boss until he moves and then everyone moves over to the jealous male, it's also very important that the adds are nuked down fast with pre-casted orbitals and continued lightning storms. I think that in general, your DPS is slightly low and at least the sniper should be able to get above 3k DPS, on my gunslinger I get at 3.5k+ at each try. Marauders should also be able to get above 2.8k, I remember when we were progressing on this boss when Nightmare mode came and I was able to get to around 3k DPS with saber throw on adds with full 72 gear.

If you are having people with unoptimized gear, do some Hardmodes to fix this issus and then come back and see if you can get around it, if it is the enrage timer that is the issue, your DPS is to low. So either work on rotations or get more gear =)
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