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08.28.2013 , 03:51 PM | #712
I'm excited for SSSP cos well, I'm excited for anything new.

But deep down we all know it's not gonna be able to hold a candle to games that specialize in that type of game-play. A year ago it would just get blown away by EVE. A year from now Star Citizen will just highlight the inevitable b-grade quality of it further.

So in the end it's just money and dev time down the drain. It's gonna be a huge fan service but honestly, it's not gonna bring in space sim people cos it's not gonna be a space sim, at least not a serious/specialized one. Only people choosing it over niche space sim games are SW fans first, space sim fans 2nd. And they're already here. They're the vocal minority salivating over the prospect of what SSSP could be but probably never will be.

I dare say the resources would have been vastly better spent on porting this game onto a new engine that doesn't get done in by chat bubbles and 40 toons on screen.