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08.28.2013 , 02:20 PM | #1
My raid team has been struggling with this fight for a few nights now. 90% of the wipes are due to one of the following:

1. Enrage Timer
2. Too slow on little adds and guy in the red pool gets clobbered

#2 only happens occasionally so I'm not that worried about it. But we're consistently hitting enrage usually below 10% health on the boss. Then he burrows and pretty much one-shots everybody. Our DPS'ers are putting out between 2300 and 2700 depending on the attempt so while that's not fantastic it seems like it ought to be enough. We were able to kill Styrak HM consistently before we started NiM TFB.

We do not have an assassin tank which can be used to trivialize the dps part of the fight. I'm just wondering if we're not using our DPS team properly or we're focusing on the wrong targets.

We have 2 Marauders and hence 2 blood thirsts, a sorcerer, and a sniper. Everybody is in full 72 level gear. We blood thirst right away back-to-back and then again as soon as it's available. When the jealous male appears this is our strat:

1. All dps stays on boss while tank picks up the jealous male and gets his back up against a wall.
2. Once tank is in position both marauders jump to the jealous male - sniper puts armor reduction debuff on jealous male at the same time.
3. Little adds appear - either a healer or ranged dps stands in the pool and both ranged dps AOE little adds until dead
4. Melee dps stay on jealous male until dead
5. Ranged dps swap back to boss after little adds die
6. Once jealous male dies melee dps switches back to boss

We do not have the option to get an assassin tank so either we're doing something wrong or our dps players just aren't good enough. Does anybody have any helpful suggestions (besides dumb stuff like "suck less") that maybe we're missing here?