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My ideas are limited to easily executable tweaks to current abilities/talents which do little to change the overall balance.

-Switch the position of Force Suffusion and Fadeout in the Corruption tree.
PvE DPS do not take Force Suffusion and Healers are split on the talent. PvP DPS would only take it as a survivability/utility tool. Fadeout is also mostly a survivability/utility tool and is seldom taken by PvE healers (I take it for NiM Dash'Roode but it is not essential). By allowing all specs access to this talent we would be given the kiting tool we need but at a cost of 2 talent points which seems a fair trade off.

-Increase the Force restored by Sith Efficacy to 1.5 or 2%.
This will alleviate some of the issues the spec has and allow for the usage of Lightning Strike in the rotation (which has many talents in the Madness tree but is currently underused due to prohibitive cost). This would somewhat increase Madness DPS but it would still likely lag behind Lightning and allow for better Force Management when under pressure (PvP) while sacrificing some DPS (essentially you would have to make the choice whether to continue Force Lightning or use a Lightning Strike trading DPS for Force Management). I am wary asking for Corruption buff in this regard as I have not run into issues with this spec and given that Force Surge stacks, the amount of Force that can be quickly regained is rather ridiculous.

I have had other ideas but they have too much of an balance effect.
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