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08.28.2013 , 01:58 AM | #8

i actually really enjoy the idea of stances. however there should be a severe negative side to switching between them, such as a high force cost, or long interruptible cast time.

i'll make a comment on each of the stances presented.

Healing Stance: it definitely should have a 'cannot happen more than once a second' effect because of all of the healing ticks sorcs have, however only 5 force? it would have to proc on cd 10 seconds in a row to just about equal 1 consumption, pending on set bonus. hell, i'd still take it, some is better than none.

Lightning stance: the 10 second cd needs to transfer as well, way too much aoe damage potential without it. i like the additional proc chance on lightning attacks.

Madness stance: with full madness CL isn't even an option, i'd suggest having the new buff work on FL, DF, and Affliction. as far as single target dps goes, giving madness more energy options won't increase dps. some suggestions for dps increase: the stance lowers the cast time of FL by .2 seconds. Change the duration of the increased CD talent from (1/2) to (2/4) and change the proc in focal lightning - force lightning from (10%/20%) to (15%/30%). Have Lightning burns apply a 10 second 20% armor debuff.

hybrid users would be saddened by this change however.

also as a personal preference, give sorcs the option to not have to use lightsabers! :3
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