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08.27.2013 , 11:19 PM | #138
I vote for BW's Laze Target or something similar to it.

I support a change to alter Laze Target/Smuggler's luck in a way that the developers have mentioned. I don't have much time to work on an elegant solution to this issue, but I think any change should have the following effects:

1) Allow the skill to provide more of a meaningful choice for players.
2) Slightly lower DPS of MM/Sharpshooter spec by about 20-30 DPS (even if this makes it useless damage-wise in this spec).
3) Slightly improve DPS of Dirty Fighting/Lethality and the hybrid.

My justifications for these points are as follows:

1) This is the main reason people even want to change the skill. It is a boring skill that does little to reward good play.
2) MM/Sharpshooter DPS is too high for being such an easy spec to play decently, having no ramp-up time, and having great survivability. I wouldn't mind a general slight nerf to MM/Sharpshooter spec in general to lower DPS by about 50-100.
3) DoT specs in general should always have slightly higher overall DPS than specs with ones without as they require more maintenance to keep up and are punished significantly during fights where enemies are untargetable. Currently, MM/Sharpshoter does almost exactly equal damage to Lethality and its hybrid, which should not be the case.
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