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I havent really posted because to be honest I dont really care either way. I play my sorc. to the best of my ability. With that being said alot of my guildies have been talking about adding a mass affliction to the madness tree or as learned ability. It would really help with spreading dots out and an ability that would really make madness stand out. But eh my 2 cents.
I have been saying this alot lately for example lethality regardless of its flavor sniper/op get an aoe dot, why not madness sorc that would save us alot of force right there by not having to tab to every player on an enemy team or every mob in a flashpoint and hit AF which eats up time and force especially in a pvp situation where you might accidentally dot someone already dotted. Personally I love madness as it is except for that one point of no aoe dot. Maybe add a dot to our lightning aoe for only Madness tree or something, or even give us a proc that makes it dot people so that way we aren't just running around spamming our aoe dot.
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