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“Well that was a tad excessive,” Ignite muttered as he eyed the Dashade. Khem had remnants of robes hanging from his teeth and continued chewing, oblivious to Andronikos’s horrified stare. Ignite shook his head and opted to not comment.
“My strength grows,” Khem directed his gaze to his master.
“Don’t talk with your mouth full.” Ignite turned to Andronikos, “Mission accomplished?”
The pirate holstered his blaster and cleared his throat. “I would say I wanted to kill him…” He trailed off as Khem swallowed. “But, yes, vengeance has been served.”
Ignite walked over to the pile of Sith artifacts and began searching. “Don’t suppose you remember what these things look like, Khem?”

Statement: It would appear that the secret facility of Czerka has been found. Incredulous Observation: How any could call this facility ‘secret’ baffles my higher programming. It is jutting out of the middle of the dunes!
“This place,” Pipsy was oblivious to HK’s self-musings and poked the droid in the shin. “Many many droids. Much killing. You like. Jawa no come here anymore, too much droids. Lots of salvage though. If we clear many Jawa will come.”
Promise: And many pipsqueaks will die.
“No kill Jawa!” Pipsy babbled in agitation. “Kill Jawa and Pipsy not give droid shield knowing.”
Begrudging Acknowledgement: We will not harm the pipsqueaks for now.
“Good. Very good. You come now, kill droids.”
Statement: With pleasure.
The two entered the facility and started on a downward slope. HK’s scanners immediately picked up dozens of life forms, causing the droid to halt momentarily.
Query: If this facility is inhabited by droids, why are my sensors picking up meatbags?
“Those people,” Pipsy explained. “Turned droids by old salvage. It why Jawa no come here anymore.”
Statement: Interesting. HK readied his blaster and continued until the slope flattened out, revealing four of the ‘droids’ standing in an almost mechanical manner. HK fired four times. Four forms fell. Pipsy stayed behind the Hunter-Killer Droid, keeping just enough distance from HK so as to not be thrown into the fray once more.
HK trudged along with impunity, killing eight more meatbags before finally pausing and cocking his head to the side. Disappointed Admission: The meatbags here do not appear to want to fight back, or are not picking up on this unit’s most excellent design. Either way, this unit grows bored of this place.
“Boss want artifact,” Pipsy reminded. “We get. Boss happy.”
HK looked over his shoulder before nodding and continuing. It wasn’t long until they reached what appeared to be the central hub of the facility, where computers lined ever wall, all currently processing data at an alarming rate. Several tubes stood with individual generators on three separate walls. HK’s scans revealed these contained meatbags to liquidate.
In the center of the room floated an odd triangular device that immediately drew Pipsy’s attention; the Jawa having never seen such a thing. She approached and babbled incoherently, running circles around it and throwing her arms up.
“Salvage!” She finally managed. “Many many years old! This artifact!”
HK approached and tapped the device with the tip of his blaster. A rod protruded from above the artifact and soon a holograph of an odd species appeared. Pipsy immediately stopped her inspection of the artifact and stared up in awe.
“We have forgotten our name, having been imprisoned for so long,” the hologram spoke.
Mocking statement: Then you are the Imprisoned One.
“I am Rakata,” the hologram corrected. “Years ago our Infinite Empire ruled this world and many others.”
Correction: Many, not all.
“I rose to higher power, creating these skin-vessels to—“
Statement: Meatbags.
“Will you let us finish?” The Rakata folded its arms.
HK fired four times through the hologram, immediately disarming the nearby tubes containing the meatbags the droid knew would soon be set free. The Rakata paused, currently too surprised to speak. HK whirled and grabbed Pipsy, hurling her off in the direction of a set of tubes.
Command: Disarm the tubes and liquidate the undesirables with extreme prejudice!
HK didn’t bother acknowledging the Rakata nor observe the Jawa’s progress as he stormed off in the direction of the final set of tubes, intent on liquidating the threat and returning to his master in hopes of finally being free of the sand-ridden planet.
While HK went on his liquidating spree Pipsy shook her head and stood. After dusting herself off (and ensuring all of the salvaged materials were still in her pouches) she walked over to the tubes and began a cursory inspection.
“Hmm, tubes powered by generator, much power. Make many things. Pipsy not knowing. Overload generator, slice computer, beat up droids, then salvage!” The Jawa hurried over to the generator and began attempting to pry the nearest access door open, without much success.
Behind the Jawa the Rakata was watching HK’s efficiency with a mixture of shock and awe. A flicker of hope entered its mind, however, as it turned its gaze to Pipsy.
“You will not be able to break through that generator, slave, for it was built by my Infinite…”
Pipsy, having grown frustrated, removed her lightsaber and ignited it, shoving it into the panel and frying countless wires and circuitry; three seconds later the generator blew, sending the Jawa and lightsaber across the room.
The Jawa picked herself up, ignoring her smoking robes, and hurried over to the computer, pounding her hands on the keys she could reach. “Pipsy not know slicing. Do what she can!” At some point the computer, in its dying throes, not only began production but increased its rate by three hundred percent. Satisfied she had successfully nullified the system, Pipsy turned to observe a dozen skin-vessels standing a few feet away.
“Pipsy need to learn slicing knowing,” she told herself before igniting her lightsaber once more. She was saved from melee combat, however, by the computer exploding behind her, effectively shutting down the control of the skin-vessels. Several blaster bolts flew through the air, each striking a meatbag and giving HK an impressive lead over his master in their game.
Declaration: Threat nullified. Mission accomplished.
Pipsy turned and began rummaging through generator and computer scraps on her hands and knees, her lightsaber still humming, forgotten, on the ground behind her. HK gave a disgusted shake of his head and approached the artifact and the rather peeved Rakata hologram.
Ominous Assurance: Master will know what to do with you, Imprisoned One. I will take you to him so that you may join his ranks of slaves.
“The Rakata will never—“ The hologram cut off as HK viciously ripped the wires and cords from the artifact, snatching it with both hands and carrying it over to the Jawa who was nodding to herself in satisfaction, having acquired quite a bounty of salvage.
“We take power core,” Pipsy pointed at a core the size of herself. “Need for shields.”
Statement: Very well, Pipsqueak. You carry the core, and this most efficient unit shall carry the Master’s artifact.
Pipsy was silent for several moments.
“Maybe we not need power core that bad.”