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Disclosure: These ideas are from a PVE based perspective. They are also not intended to address our lack of cooldowns but more to address our needs in the damage/resource management area.

Healing Stance: Lowers the cost of purge by 15. Purge now removed negative physical effect and heals target for 552-775. Healing skills have a 50% change to restore 5 force, this effect many only occur once every 1 seconds.

Replaces Sith Purity in skill tree.

Lightning stance: LS/TB have a 60% chance and LS has a 20% chance when dealing damage to finish the cooldown and CL and your next CL instant cast with 0 Cost. Additionally all lightning damage skills have a 40% chance do an additional 250 internal damage. Dark heal and Dark Infusions healing effects are lowered by 50% while in lightning stance

Replaces Lightning Storm in skill tree

Madness Stance: when you FL deals damage you have a 30% chance to gain Wrath, causing your next LS or CD to activate instantly and deal 35% damage. Additionally critical hits from affliction or Crushing darkness grant you a stack of (inster skill name here) Reducing the cost of your next FL or CL by 75%, stacks up to 3 times and can only be granted every 1.5 seconds. Dark Heal and Dark Infusions healing effect are reduced by 50%

Replaces Wrath in the skill tree.

For the healer tree its a very simple boost. Get some of the force back from your heals to help reduce the amount of times you have to use consumption. this would allow alittle more healing up time but not as big as the other changes seeing as they arnt loosing anything for it.

In lighting its just a simple damage increase at the cost of your heals. BW does believe that we have utility with out off healing so we simply give up that ability for a DPS bump.

In madness its the same drawback as lightning however they would get a cost reduction to costly skills in exchange which should help overall with force management (I don't play madness so I could be wrong on this next point) It should also be a DPS increase by allowing more uptime doing damage instead of managing your resources.

Feel free to rip these apart, its just a very simple idea to give us minor yet needed boosts.