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Hi guys, i am passing on a message from 'Obiray' as he has quit the game.

obiray is the original founder of the ancient tome. he also said F*** YOU for not giving him any credit in his video and 4days after he uploaded it you then created this thread. heres his exploration video - the second jump is where the ancient tome is. (also watch his other swtor videos )
No he's not, please do not spread useless misinformation. If you or "bad obiwan name ripoff" would check the date on the pictures you'd notice they were uploaded 7/6/13, a full 21 days before he posted his video.

Anyway guys, several dataminers and other people have been contacting me and it seems that they've gathered this so far: 3 vendor buffs + sandclaw buff activates a script within the game files that teleports you from a beam of light within one of the buildings to the Ancient Tome, which makes sense because these kind of jumps aren't very likely to be the real way up, and then the ancient tome will do a check for all 4 buffs when you try to activate it. The only thing we do not know is how to spawn Sandclaw.

Some info on Sandclaw:
Started as a wraid, was changed to a llyek, and the final version is a duneclaw, is referred to as "PvP Superboss".