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The point I was making is that if we do have serious discussions about how Laze Target could change, we need to recognize what its suppose to accomplish (i.e. Is it for extra burst, sustained DPS boost, added utility, etc).
Sniper sustain with perfect play is about where it should be. It's not the absolute best, all things considered, but in terms of whittling down a boss snipers work. I wouldn't mind small increases, but nor would I ask for them, and I don't see the devs *purposefully* working to add sustain.

I would like Sniper class changes changes to add more flexibility. More ways to play a Sniper that still come within 2-3% of the perfect rotation. This is exactly what Laze lacks: it's only useful in one spec in one kind of content. Snipe is simply too expensive for too small a damage gain versus free attacks to spend energy on it, unless you get MM energy boosts and PvE set bonus.

Extra burst is another thing Snipers need. Despite probably being meant to be a 'bursty' class, today Sniper burst has trouble coming close to not only Marauders, but even Juggs, a class that remains a potent off-tank even in DPS spec.

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However, this does ignore change for PvE which there are Snipers/Slingers who'd like to see alteration there. Do you have any ideas how this change could be accompanied with a PvE change?
The same as proposed - have it affect Ambush, SoS, EP, TD or Cull.
I see these changes as complementary. The reason is that an auto-crit will already ignore some defenses, enough for PvE, it just needs to ignore the defense relevant in PvP, and that is guard. So it won't make Snipers parse higher by any measurable amount.

And it's something I can see in the game.
"Increases the critical hit chance of your next Ambush, Series of Shots, Explosive Probe, Takedown or Cull by 100% and makes it unable to be avoided, mitigated or intercepted."

It's something that can happen. It's something that will change very little in terms of averages. It simply completes the auto-crit purpose of Laze Target - making sure that your next strike hits hard - by first making sure that it hits your target at all. On a 2-3 minute cooldown, such assurance is really called for.

The "intercepted" part affects PvP only, and again it doesn't actually change the total damage done, just how it's applied. Right now "how it's applied" is what keeps Snipers from being competitive with Maras and even Juggs. While the AoE effect of their Smash doesn't bypass Guard, what it does is damage both the tank and his guard, resulting in the tank taking 150% of its damage. Snipers can't match that, they still won't be able to, but at least that one non-interceptible shot per arena round (that's how rare a 3-minute CD would make it) would be useful for them. LT+Snipe as it stands just isn't.
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