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08.27.2013 , 04:53 PM | #3
Perhaps an ability is needed that allows Sorcs to move while casting for a few seconds. It would have a reasonable cd, and allow Sorcs to keep doing their job while running from an enemy.

Because let's face it, Sorcs can't facetank, they are the weakest class in the game when it comes to dealing with incoming damage. But if a lightning Sorc is constantly on the move to avoid facetanking, he's not dpsing and is basically self-cced. This would also help madness/hybrid and corruption Sorcs to heal themselves while kiting.

Unsure how healer Sorcs are feeling in PVE, I assume adding mobility to them isn't going to help if their main issue is force management though.

I also wouldn't mind if Force Speed removed and/or was immune to slows/snares.