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08.27.2013 , 04:46 PM | #2
My thoughts would be to maybe ask a explantion of the devs of lightnings playstyle in pvp and how they came up with it. It seems to be a true ranged hybrid in all sense of the words, its a hybrid turret/kiting dps who can also heal. It needs to stand still and also kite. As a lightning player, I can kite some of the worse players easily, but when it comes to the better players the tools are not quite there for kiting the ones who have a clue about pvp. It has some tools to kite. but they are a little weird, overloads knockback is too short but it roots which is good, force speed which allows us to escape as long as we can not get rubber banded back to where we came from. We have 2 sloves and second root on CL, but that we need to proc to use and getting that proc is very rng if you get it at all. We have no protection against any of the roots most other classes have and it seems the classes that cause the most issues for me are melee with the amount of gap closers in game. If we were to just kite, I think it could work, but seemingly we have to be a turret to dps, we cant dps on the move really as what we have is well pitiful and wont kill anyone. I dont really have a issue with the dps we do in pvp, thats fine, our burst I love and when we get the time to cast we can do it well, but its getting that time to dps against people who have a clue about pvp that causes issues. I would love to know where the idea for the kiting turret came from, and maybe in that explanation we can get a idea of what they are willing to give us as right now we need that one extra thing to make us competive truly without having to rely on everyone else on our team to do well.

Im not the most elegant of speakers so that will appear like a wall of text. I dont claim to be the greatest at pvp, but I know my spec well. As for it being a question for litghting i think it may even get better results that complaings abotu our glass armour or wishing more cannon for us.