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If the CD is 3min I want a One Shot One Kill Mentality out of it. Some things I would prefer with it:
  • 100% Armor Pen. There will be a KB included in the shot like MM. Range of KB to be determined.
  • I want the shot to pass through and hit another Player/NPC. Max it will Pen through is 3 players with the first being 100%DMG, 2nd 50% DMG, 3rd 25%. DMG can be an Auto Crit of course.
  • If the player is below 25% HP then the 1st player/NPC it hits is an auto Kill.
  • Have to be out of Combat to use. This is to "Zero the scope, Aim and Setup" kinda like the animation as is now.
  • Lastly, leave as is. Or possibly make Lazed Snipe and Target Acquired work hand in hand somehow.

So, you want us to have HK-51's execute ability? LOL, don't see that happening.
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