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After reading the gear needed for the new operation, no offense unless they don't release it on the PTR then the progression of it is truly flawed cause any Hard Core guild has already geared their progression team FAR past whats need and can muscle their way through. So the progression will no kidding kinda suck cause it will be a matter of hours which honestly am sure most guilds will agree won't prove a thing and the world and us first will go to the team that goes in when the servers go up., and leaves us waiting till at least December to see a Nightmare mode. Forgive me for the lack of enthusiasm, nothing like killing the little competition the game supports
Going to be so lame for those of us in almost min/maxed 75 gear if it is this way. Waiting 4-5 month for NM might be a killer for some and only other thing to do is gear alts to 75.