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Hi everyone,

I'm completely new to the game, and my highest level char is a 22 Jugg.

I've made a merc BH, and love their versatility.. they seem to be good at both single-target damage, but also AOE.

The one thing I can't figure out, and which is causing me some serious problems, is managing the heat. I don't know if it's a rotation issue or what it is.. but as a level 13 merc, I can't even solo ONE of the mandalorian elite's in the Kregg heroic.... Heat is the reason why.. the guns overheat, I use the vent thingie, and then I run into heat again.. and at this time.. the elite isn't dead... which basically means I'm screwed.

So with that said, can someone give me some hints on that, as well as a link to a good levelling build (I prefer arsenal over pyro)

At level 13 your talent pool is very shallow the best way to approach it would be make sure you have a med pack and do not spam the same ability over and over try to open with missile blast fallowed with sticky dart, auto attack, unload so on and so forth.
when you get up higher in your tree you'll get more of your talents that make things cost less heat. Stick with it.

Worst comes to worst do some PVP even if you don't like it at your level its a great quick way to level up and you could just out level the mob and blow him to hell!
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