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08.27.2013 , 10:30 AM | #4
^^ all good advice. I would just like to add that you can spend a LOT of time trying to get 100% min-max'ed. I would suggest spending credits/Mats on enhancements if you can afford them. And using your vendor to buy (in my case it was bracers X7) for the Mod you need. The bracers cost 80 Ultimate Comms and you just rip out the mod, and throw them away.

Don't waste your Comms on buying head/chest/legs, ect. those pieces you will get from Underworld Drops in HM OP's. Then just simply move he Mods/Enhancements to those pieces to retain the 4-set bonus. You generally want to keep your 4 set (69) bonus while you are trying to get the 4-set (72). its just a matter of moving around Mods/Enhancements along the way.